3D fabric

3D fabrics

IFG Cresco produces 3D fabrics with a complex weave where for example different layers are connected to each other during the weaving process.

PLA will Weave

Biopolymer fabrics

IFG offers a complete range of biopolymer wovens, both tape fabrics as leno fabrics.

Warp knitted fabric

Knitted fabrics

IFG Cresco offers warp knit fabrics up to 6.5 meters wide.

Laminated fabric


IFG Cresco provides both coated as laminated woven fabrics.

Leno fabric

Leno fabrics

A leno weave is a weave in which two warp yarns are twisted around the weft yarns to provide a strong yet sheer fabric.

Monofilament fabric

Monofilament fabrics

Monofilament fabrics are flat fabrics with monofilaments in both warp and weft direction.

Slit film fabric

Slit film fabrics

IFG Cresco produces woven fabrics out of slit films such as aluminum film, BoPET film, cast film,…

Tape fabric

Tape fabrics

IFG Cresco can produce tape fabrics in a wide variety of weaves ranging from 10 g/m² up to 1 kg/m².